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Agricultural Engineering - Sfântu Gheorghe

Sfântu Gheorghe, în cadrul Facultății Științe Technice și Umaniste, Târgu Mureș
Training Branch: Horticulture
Name of Specialization: Agricultural Engineering 
Duration and form of training: 4 years undergraduate, regular training
Places available: 30 (25 tuition free, 5 with 400EUR/year tuition)
We recommend it to you if ... 
  • you would like to work in close relationship with nature,
  • you would like to produce healthy and organic food,
  • you would like to learn about and apply technologies which are environment-friendly and modern.
Major subjects:
  • Crop production
  • Plant breeding
  • Seed-production
  • Integrated plant-protection
  • Rural economics
  • Soil management
  • Irrigation
Employment possibilities:
  • farm leader
  • teacher, researcher
  • plant breeder
  • plant protection specialist
  • local and government policy officer 
Did you know that …?
  • more than 80% of arable land cultivated and the majority of food needed are produced by agricultural engineers,
  • crop production (eg rapeseed, maize) can provide an alternative to fossil fuels,
  • in Romania you can complete your agricultural engineering training in Hungarian exclusively at Sapientia University.
  • in the future one of the biggest challenges for humanity will be food provision? 
If you are interested in this challenge and would like to take part in it, we are looking forward to seeing you at our Agricultural Engineering specialization.
Numbers of student admission:
  • 30 (25 tuition-free / 5 subject to tuition fee).

Composition of entrance examination grade:

  • the average of secondary school leaving examination – 100%.
(NB: The outstanding results achieved in various subject competitions can be equated.)

Calendar of Events

October 2021