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Communication and public relations

Training Branch: Communication Sciences
Name of Specialization: Communication and Public Relations
Duration and form of training: 3 years undergraduate, regular training
Places available: 50 (15 tuition free, 25 with 400 EUR/year tuition, 10 with 750 EUR/year tuition)

Aim of the Programme

Communication is pervasive everywhere in the world of information and the Internet. Organizing comprehensive communicational activities has become pivotal not only in everyday life, but also in organizational domains. Corporate image design, organizational relations, programme organization, campaign planning, advertising communication, negotiation techniques, photo-video, multimedia, online communication, radio and television, printed press are the fields in which our communication and PR experts feels right at home.

Main Subjects

Theoretical studies:Intercultural Communication, Institutional Communication, Communication Law, History of Press, Communication Theory, Stylistics and Composition, Mass Communication Systems, Advertising, Marketing and Management, Press Genres, Public Relations, Cultural History and Art History, Sociology, Social Psychology, Political Science, Negotiation Techniques, Consumer Behaviour.

Practical skills: Radio Skills, Photo and Video, Photojournalism, Media Relations, News Editing, Computer-aided PR Products, Audiovisual PR products, Rhetoric.

Specific studies: PR in Culture, PR in Economy, PR in Tourism, PR in Politics, PR in Civil Organizations, Working Methods of the PR Specialist.

Career prospects

Marketing assistant and manager, advertising assistant and manager, media manager, communication referee, journalist, press referee, press spokesperson, radio / television reporter, editor, news editor and analyst, anchorperson, PR manager, press assistant, advertising graphic artist, image designer.

Calendar of Events

October 2021