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Computer science

Training Branch: Computers and information technology
Name of Specialization: Computer Sciences
Duration of Studies and Type of Enrolment: 4 years undergraduate, regular training
Places available: 45 (20 tuition-free, 10 with tuition 400 EUR/year, 15 with tuition 600 EUR/year)

Aim of training

The major aim is to train computer science engineers. The ability to deal with hardware and software design and management is a basic requirement to receive a degree. Graduates are able to design, operate and assist new computer applications.

Main Subjects

Programming techniques and languages, System programming and operating languages, Computer design and architecture, Microprocessors, Databases, Data protection, Algorithms, Digital signal processing, Digital and analogue electronics, Electrical engineering, Electrical measurements, Signal insertion and transformation, Information Theory, Transmission techniques.

Career prospects

Programmer, program designer, IT specialist, Information Science teacher, network administrator, computer sciences specialist and developer, designer, executor and developer of computer networks, network engineer.

Calendar of Events

October 2021