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Horticultural engineering

Training Branch: Horticulture
Name of Specialization: Horticultural Engineering
Duration and form of training: 4 years undergraduate, regular training
Places available: 50 (15 tuition free, 30 with 400EUR/year tuition, 5 with 750 EUR/year tuition)


Aim of training

The Department of Horticultural Engineering aims to train agricultural professionals who are familiar with the state-of-the-art achievements of the field being able to make use of their knowledge in various branches of horticulture (fructiculture, olericulture, floriculture, herbiculture, and viticulture). Our students get an insight into the specific of indigenous agriculture and agrobusiness being provided with up-to-date information concerning pest control, geobotany, ecology, environmental protection, botany, reproduction, and propagation. These subjects are completed with courses belonging to law and economics.

Main subjects

A comprehensive study of Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, Agroinformatics, Biotechnology, Floriculture and Dendrology, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Herbiculture, Pest Control, Environmental Management, Management and Marketing, Viticulture, Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Olericulture, Fructiculture, Winemaking, and Garden Design.

Career prospects

Horticulturist (vegetable-grower, fruit-grower, vineyardist, floriculturist, herbalist, plant breeder, pest control specialist, garden designer, etc.)

Calendar of Events

October 2021