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Information science

Training Branch: Information science
Name of Specialization: Information Science
Duration and form of training: 3 years undergraduate, regular training
Tuition Fee: € 400, € 750


Aim of the Programme

The acquisition of the logic of information technologies, a close observation of their line of development, developing algorithmic thinking and creative application of the basics can help the computer scientist solve real-life problems. In order to become competitive professionals and meet the requirements of the job market, we lay stress on web technologies and databases, to name but two among the subjects taught.

Main Subjects

Computer programming and programming languages, Object-Oriented Programming, High-level programming languages, Data Structures and Algorithms, Discrete mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Graph theory, Databases, Distributed programming, Formal languages and translators, Software technology, Mobile development.

Career prospects

programmer, application developer, IT specialist and consultant, Information Science teacher, system administrator, project manager, scientific researcher.

Composition of entrance mark


Students who have won during their secondary school years one of the first three awards at Sapientia ECN Programming Competition, or at the Transylvanian Mathematics Competition, or at the Transylvanian finals of Tihamér Nemes Olympics, can apply to one of the faculty’s technical profiles (informatics, mechatronics, computer sciences, automation, telecommunication*, computer assisted operation manufacturing systems*) with a merit mark of ten (Grade A), without undergoing the standard entrance examination.

Calendar of Events

October 2021