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Training Branch: Mechatronics and Robotics
Name of Specialization: Mechatronics
Duration and form of training: 4 years undergraduate, regular training
Places available: 50 (25 tuition free, 25 with tuition - 400 EUR/year)

Aim of the Programme

The major aim is to train mechatronics engineers. The scientific field of mechatronics originates from Japan, and it is the combination of the knowledge accrued from three other scientific fields – Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering and Control engineering. In fact, mechatronics means the design and operation of “intelligent” machines. Computerized tools, robots, printers, DVD players, automatic washing machines, for example, can be considered such intelligent machines.

Main Subjects

In conformity with the  Bologna educational system, subjects are categorized as follows:

  • foundamental subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, technical drawing, theoretical mechanics, Electrotehnics;

  • domain subjects (subjects that integrate mechanical, electrical and informatical knowledge): strength of materials, basics of surface generating, machine elements, theory of systems, analogical, digital and power electronics, electrical machines, peripheral equipments and interfaces;

  • speciality subjects (mecatronics):  finite  element method, construction and command of robots, automatic control engineering, basics of manufacturing, basics of mechatronical systems, dynamics of mechatronical systems, programing of mechatronical systems, industrial robots;

  •  complementary subjects: management, foreign language (Engish, German), physical education.

Career prospects

Process engineer, Designer engineer, Production systems specialist, programmer, Specialist in automation

Calendar of Events

September 2021