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Silvicultural Engineering - Sfântu Gheorghe

Sfântu Gheorghe, Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences, Târgu Mureș
Training branch: Silviculture
Specialization: Silvicultural Engineering
Form and duration of training: 4 years undergraduate, regular training
Places available: 30 (25 tuition-free + 5 subject to tuition fee - 400 EUR/year)

We recommend it to you if ... 

  • you want see the forest for the trees
  • you would like to learn about the basic principles of tree and forest stand developments
  • you dare to plan long-term and want to participate in planning, breeding and protection of trees and forests, while meeting the needs of the future generations and the challenges of global warming
  • you are interested in planning and construction of forest roads and waterworks  
  • you are interested in the forest habitat, and in the relationship between the factors of the environment
  • you would like to learn about these above mentioned topics from university teachers actively researching forestry and wildlife management, to use the most up-to-date technical and lab equipment, and to learn in your mother tongue 
Major subjects:
  • Dendrology (the study of wooded plants)
  • Dendrometry (measurement of the various dimensions of trees and forest stands)
  • Wildlife management
  • Silviculture
  • Forestry mechanics
  • Forestry meteorology and climatology 
  • Forest management planning (forestry plant design)
  • Forest exploitation (exploitation and utilization of wood and non wood forest products)
  • Forest protection
  • Geodesy
  • Wildlife biology
Employment possibilities:
  • professional manager, forest caretaker etc., at forest products companies, land owner associations 
  • teacher, researcher
  • engineer specialized in forestry, forest protection, forest planning, as well as forestry manager at state and private forestries 
  • forest planner – plant designer engineers at specialized companies 
  • forestry inspector at state control departments
  • forestry rapporteur in public administration
  • forest nursery manager, or contractor offering silviculture services 
  • nature conservation warden
  • researher in forestry, expert in forestry, forest products trade, game management 
Did you know that …?
  • wood exploitation causes enormous environmental damage, in the reduction of which the role of forest engineers can be crucial
  • Romania has approximately 6.9 million hectares of forest area, less than 30,000 ha (approximately 0.5%) are covered by virgin and virgin-like forests. Other areas are affected by human activities and require proper forestry expertise to deal with them properly.
Numbers of student admission:
  • 30 (25 tuition-free / 5 subject to tuition fee).
Composition of entrance examination grade:
  • the average of secondary school leaving examination – 100%.
(NB: The outstanding results achieved in various subject competitions can be equated.)

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