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Aim of training

We aim to train highly qualified professionals able to design analogue and digital electronic systems, and to apply their programming knowledge in various fields of telecommunication. Graduates will be able to design analogue and digital electronic circuits, design and programme embedded electronic systems, design and configure telecommunication networks, design and develop communication software, and to install, operate and manage these systems.

Main subjects

According to the principles of Bologna process, the main subjects of this department can be divided into four categories:
• basic engineering courses (Mathematics, Physics, Computer Programming and Programming Languages)
• electrical engineering-specific courses (Theoretical Electricity, Analogue and Digital Electronics, Computer-Aided Circuit Design, Electrical Measurements, Digital Signal Processing, Microcontrollers, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Object-Based Programming, Databases, WEB Technologies, Information Transfer)
• telecommunication-specific courses (Mobile Telecommunication Systems, Optical Networks, Digital Image and Sound Processing, Broadband Communication Networks, Multimedia Technology, Software Design)
• additional courses (foreign languages: English, German; Economics and Management)

Career prospects

Telecommunication system designer, developer and service engineer; computer network designer and developer, systems engineer; expert of various fields of electronics; embedded systems designer and programmer; programme designer, information technology expert (IT); teacher.


Calendar of Events

October 2021