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Lecturer and researcher from National University of Ireland, Galway

Dr. Fearghal Morgan, lecturer and researcher at National University of Ireland, Galway,and leader of theBio-Inspired Electronics and Reconfigurable Computing (Birck) research group, will visit the Sapientia University in Targu Mures.

The main purpose of his visit is the presentation of the viciLogic (viciLearn & viciLab),Online Learning, Assessment and GUI-based FPGA Prototyping Platform, which is already beingused at our Facultyas well.

On Thursday, 12th May 2016, Dr.Fearghal Morgan will give a presentation during the workshop "Digital Embedded Systems in Research and Education" organized by the Department of Electrical Engineering.

After the workshop, a practical demonstration will be held in lab316, which will be followed by another hands-on practice on May 18 in the same room (places are limited).

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