Language Proficiency Test
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Language Proficiency Test

Language Proficiency Test

Regulations on the examination of language proficiency

(Amended by Senate Decision no 2019/07.14.2017)


The LinguaSap Language Examination Center organizes language proficiency exams in English and German.

The Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania offers two types of linguistic competence exams:

  • LinguaSap language proficiency test
  • ECL examination

The Sapientia language proficiency certificate for English and German is valid for an unlimited period; the first two exams are free, while additional exams cost 60 RON and 120 RON for candidates outside the University.

The ECL language certificate in English and German is valid for an unlimited period and is internationally recognized. The exam fee is 100 EURO in RON (payable at the current exchange rate). Exam data and test scores are available at

For the acceptance of internationally recognized certificates, the applicant must submit a copy of the certificate to the faculty secretariat. This procedure is free of charge.

LinguaSap language exams are open to all students who have passed the compulsory foreign language exams.

The dates for the language proficiency tests are set by the LinguaSap Language Examination Center between 1 October and 31 May. The LinguaSap Language Examination Center organizes 4-5 exams per academic year.

Students are required to attend the examination for which they have registered. Registration for the language exams ends at least one week before the exam date!

To be eligible for the bachelor's exam, students have to reach a minimum level of B1 (15 points), regardless of the language of the exam.

There is no mandatory bibliography: the information booklet in the university library contains a description of topics related to thematic discussions and essay writing, as well as test examples, and a recommended bibliography.

The fees for the language proficiency exams can be paid at the cashier’s office of each faculty.

Further information (LinguaSap language proficiency test)

The language exam consists of two parts, one written and one oral. The maximum score is 30, which corresponds to level C2. The passing score necessary for the bachelor’s exam is 15 points, corresponding to level B1 according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  1. Written part, 24 points:
  • Listening (6 points)
  • Reading (6 points)
  • Language in use (6 points)
  • Writing (6 points)
  1. Oral part, 6 points:
  • Thematic discussion
  • Description of images


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