Combine your slides and live webcam feed for a more personal and engaging presentation. For FREE.


On most video conference platforms, when you share your screen or slides, your webcam video is reduced to a tiny thumbnail in the corner of the viewer’s screen. Therefore, critical nonverbal elements such as facial expressions, eye contact and body language are lost, reducing the impact of the delivered messages.

This tool allows anyone to project itself from live video feed on a slideshow (presentation). The size, position and opacity of the projected person can be freely and easily changed.

Person video feed

For best results, buy and use a green-screen as your background.

If you can't procure one, you can place a virtual green background with softwares such as XSplit Vcam or NVIDIA Broadcast. Use this 4:3 aspect ratio image as your virtual background or this 16:9 one, if you have a webcan with a wide aspect ratio.

As a last resort, you can opt for an in-browser body segmentation straight out of the webcam video feed. However, with this option the quality is not as good and the frame-rates are low.


Drag and drop the images comprising your presentation the press the camera button to start your webcam and overlay yourself on the slides.

If you need to export a Power Point presentation as an image series, you can follow this guide:

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